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BONAFONT SL, was born in 1985 as a result of the experience and enthusiasm of the Bonafont family, dedicated for several generations to the cultivation and commercialization of fruit and vegetable products, the main product being onion, followed by potatoes.

Our work begins in the selection of the most fertile soils, as well as the seeds and producers in order to achieve a top quality product. We have our own means to grow, collect, store and package our products, thus ensuring optimal handling throughout the process.

We are mainly present in the European, Asian and South American markets, also having an important presence in the national market. We offer dried onion in all its varieties throughout the year, as well as early potatoes washed and packaged in different formats.

The final packaging is carried out in our central facilities, located in Buñol, where all our staff controls and guarantees that all the requirements of the Globalgap regulations are met.